The Wine Tasting option : Part 1


The wine tasting is  purely optional inclusion when playing The Wine Game.   If you do includie it there are several thing you need to decide and organise.

  • Decide the number of wines.
  • Decide the budget & who pays for the wines.
  • Choice of wines. (see Part 2)
  • Prepare the list of wine clues. (see Part 2)
  • ‘Masking’ the wines. (see Part 2)

Number of  Wines

Less is more.  Choose fewer higher quality wines.  Try the wine that you always wanted to and in the process share it with friends!  Keep in mind that the game requires you to be on the ball.


As the host you might generously decide to treat your guests. Well done Mr Rockerfeller.  On the other hand a budget based on $20 per head with 5 players and a banker that would allow you to buy three $40 wines or  one at $15, $30 and $75.  The players could then also venture a guess at the which is the more expensive wine – that could be interesting.

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