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The history of wine making began in the Middle East and dates back to around 4000 BC.  The bible records that Noah became drunk on wine and lost his inhibitions and dignity as a result.

It is likely that wine making was discovered accidentally when natural fermentation of stored juice occurred through the presence of wild yeast on the fruit itself.  Once known, human ingenuity led to the development of  wine making principles and practice.


fga2One hurdle to overcome or opportunity to exploit during the Wine Making season is the Federal Grape Agency Sale.  The FGA requires that when on that board space a player must put up for sale all but two of his grape tokens at half the Grape guide Price shown on the Price-o-Meter.  What this does is to make grapes available to other players who require them for wine making or strategic reasons.  For example late in the game, a Winery owner may be struggling to buy grapes from other players were it not for the FGA.  Because the FGA forces the player to offer grapes for sale, other players have the chance to buy what they need or they can perhaps buy simply to reduce the amount of money made by their competitor.  Pretty sneaky but fun.


Wine MakingTo make wine a player must be on a Wine Making space with available grapes, access to equipment and money to pay for processing.  The grapes may come from another player as might the use of the equipment and in those case the winemaker may also need to pay other players as well to get what he/she needs to produce wine.  Each grape token can produce 1000 cases of wine represented by one wine case token.  Pay what you need to pay, pop the grape token(s) into a vat and  get an equivalent number of  case tokens.  Grape tokens remain in the vats until the end of the annual wine sales as a way of signifying the used/available capacity of each vat.   Simple really.

Once a player reaches the Wine Sales space the player may immediately sell some or all of their wine case tokens at the market price shown on the Price-O-Meter plus/minus premiums and or deductions.  A player hoping for improvements in market price, may hold onto their case tokens right until all players reach the Wine sales space at which time all remaining wine must be sold.

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