Vine Game Tips

Here are some ‘Vine Game Tips and Strategies’ to help you get started.  As you’ll soon discover, there are many paths to  winning the Vine Game.


Auction Tips

You can buy a vineyard at the start of the game.  If you choose not to pay full price for the property you open it up for auction in which you try to fake out other players into paying too much or pehaps get a bargain yourself and preserve some precious cash resources.  Each Vineyard is different in so you’ll need to adapt your strategy accordingly.


wineryTips for Operating a Winery

Another strategy is  not to buy a vineyard at the start but to rent a Winery instead.  In this play you’ll need to buy grapes from other players or possibly pick grapes on an unowned vineyard(if you get there first).  Your advantage is that you’ve got more spare cash at the start.  On the other hand you may find it tricky to get the grapes you need.

cellar notes

Wine Knowledge

If you have a lot of wine knowledge the Cellar Notes questions can be a handy source of extra income.  There are three questions on each card: one easy, one moderately difficult and one “Expert” level question.  Most “Easy” questions give you a choice of two possible answers.  the mid-level questions usually offer three choices whereas the “Expert” level requires you to provide the answer without any prompting.

If included, your wine tasting prowess could make the difference between you and the other players.

Whatever the strategy  – you’ll need to negotiate.

Vine Game harvesting small

Options Tips

An effective way to smooth negotiations is to buy an option.  For example you can say to another player:  “I’ll pay you $2000 now for the option of using your equipment to process 3 grape tokens at some future stage should I require it and at that point I’ll pay the capacity price shown  on the Price-o-Meter ” .


“Options take the heat out of a negotiation because there is a possibilty that the option won’t be exercised.”

Alternatively you might enter a reciprocal agreement. E.g. “I’ll sell you  up to 3 grape tokens at the guide price if you need them on the proviso you agree to sell the use of  your equipment to process up to 3 tokens at the guide price if I need it.”  If you benefit from such an agreement you have an enforceable obligation to honour your side of the deal.  If no benefit has passed to either party you can cancel the deal at any time though doing so may create an enemy in the game. LOL

Your skill at negotiation will make a difference to your success.

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