Vine Game pruning small 2Pruning season is an important part of the game. Pruning saves on picking costs because pruned vines yield double the amount of grapes compared with unpruned vines.

Over many centuries vineyard owners have developed methods of pruning and training vines along a trellis system.  The purpose of these actions was to allow light to reach the vines and encourage increased yield and ripening of the grape crop.


Equip and pruning

Why Prune?

In The Vine Game, as in real life, pruning your vines costs money and increases yield. In the game, pruning makes sense if you can either process, trade, sell or export the extra grapes that pruning will yield. The actual yield for each vine lot is determined at the time of harvest by the Yield shown on the Weather Conditions section of the Price-O-Meter. The Yield shown is for PRUNED vines. UNPRUNED vines yield half th PRUNED yield.

Pruning Process

Pay $10,000 per lot to the Bank for each lot you wish to prune. Turn the corresponding number of vine tokens to face PRUNED side up. Pruning is an annual decision. At the end of the year all vines revert to UNPRUNED.

Equipment Purchase

Pruning season is also the time when you can install Wine Processing Plant (equipment).  Not everyone needs their own equipment at the start of the game. In fact the scarcity cash resources make it very difficult to acquire equipment and still do everything you need to make wine. So cooperating with another player or two makes sense – perhaps you could try to make an agreement to use someone else’s equipment in exchange for money or grapes.  Negotiate!  The operator of a leased winery is a likely candidate to trade grapes with in exchange for use of  equipment.  At some point self interest may dictate that it is better to own equipment rather than rely on others.

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