Vine Game planting small 2Planting is the first season on the playing board – it commences right after the “Start” space.

As the name suggests it is the season for planting new vines and of course you want to do something constructive.

A Word of Caution

New players often rush to plant vines all over their vineyard.  At the beginning of each game players need to think ahead about a strategy for managing their resources.

Things To Consider

  • Are you going to prune your vines and increase your yield from each lot?
  • Will you have enough money to process all your grapes?
  • Could you enter an agreement with another player to buy some of their grapes in return for sharing use of your equipment?
  • Or does your vineyard  already have  enough vines planted?

In each case you might decide to delay planting. That’s not to say that you can’t come up with a plan in which planting  many vines makes sense…there are a variety of options in The Vine Game that might lead to a winning strategy.


Planting Process

To plant one or more your marker must come to rest on a “Planting” space , your vineyard must have an empty vine lot and you must have the $40,000 needed to pay for planting each vine lot.  On payment to the the bank you will receive  a Vine token. Place it on an empty vine lot – UNPRUNED side up.


export licence

Export Licenses

There are two Export Licences available in The Wine Game.  A player whose marker comes to rest on the “Export Licence” square may acquire a licence, if available, for an initial payment of $12,000 and $8,000 per annum thereafter.

An Export License allows the holder to sell during Winemaking season – it allows you to earn money without giving any advantage to another player.



See tips for ‘Pruning’ season

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