Vine Game harvesting smal 2lHarvesting season is the third side of the game board where players with planted vines may pick grapes at a cost of  S15,000 per lot.  It is an important season in that grapes increase a player’s ability to earn income by selling grapes, exporting grapes or perhaps using grapes to make wine. Grapes can also  be exchanged by agreement for the use of another player’s wine making equipment. Without grapes equipment is of little value and wine cannot be made!

labour shortage new

Labour Shortage

If a player lands on ” Labour Shortage” at the beginning of the the Harvesting season, that player will be restricted from picking  as indicated on the first two “Harvest” spaces.





Weather and Yield

The number of grape tokens each planted vine lot yields is determined at the time of picking by the position of the pointer in the Weather Forecast segment of the “Price-o-Meter” found on the game board.  Pruned  vines yield the indicated number of tokens whereas Unpruned vines tield half the amount shown.







Harvesting Process

For a player to pick grapes, the player’s marker must be on a Harvest space, the player must obey any limits to picking indicated by that space and the player must pay $15,000 per vine lot for picking. The player then receives their grape tokens from the bank and turns each picked vine token to face PICKED side up.

Note: When on a harvest space, a player may pay to pick any unpicked vines on an unowned vineyard on a first come first served basis in accordance with picking restrictions that apply to the player (if any).


Export Opportunity

When on the Export space a player may sell grapes on the Export Market at the indicated price.  Exporting grapes raises money at little risk or cost. Simply hand over the number of grape tokens you wish to export to the bank in exchange for $8,000 per token. If you harvest grapes and have a prior agreement to supply them to another player you must retain sufficient grapes to meet your commitment.


late Harvest web graphic

Late Harvest

At the end of the Harvesting season, right before Wine Making, is the “Late Harvest” space.  Coming to rest on the “Late Harvest” space requires the player to roll the dice and travel in reverse by double the number shown.  You may be able to harvest when it appeared that you had missed the chance.



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