Creation of The Vine Game

In the beginning…

In 1994 I had just left a corporate finance job in a large company to become a full time Dad and I needed a project to keep me thinking.  That led to the creation of The Vine Game.  To be strictly correct I called it “The Wine Game” at the time but now there’s another game that goes by that name – so it became The Vine Game.

After a near miss at commercialisation in 1995, the game has…well just simply been sitting there – mostly in the background and sometimes front and centre whenever a moment’s inspiration hit me.  There have be countless refinements to the game over the 20 years since I created the original.  Just last year my two kids (now in their 20’s) asked to play the game.  That turned out to be fun and encouraged me to bring the game to the market.

The result of this effort  is something that one serious board gamer recently declared as “the best game I’ve ever played”.  Flattering words for sure and not everybody will agree but it certainly was a small and significant confirmation that, despite the long development time, I’ve created something that many people can and will enjoy.

The Vine Game is not Snakes and Ladders – if you don’t have a gamer’s mindset it takes some effort to come to grips with. On the other hand some people pick it up pretty much intuitively.  The game is about wine and you can optionally enjoy wine as part of the game.  If you choose to include wine tasting as part of the game do so in moderation and never operate a vehicle or other equipment while under the influence of alcohol.

One of the purposes of this site is to allow player feedback and suggestions to enhance the “evolution” of my creation.   You can leave your feedback here.   A great deal of the enjoyment comes from wheeling and dealing your way to success and the rules allow a lot of creative ways to become the ultimate winner.   You might also prefer to vary the rules within your own playing circle and that’s cool.   If your ‘local rules’ improve your enjoyment of the game – feel free to share them here.  I’ve also provided some pages with tips on aspects of the game.

Over time new “Cellar Notes” question sets will be made available for purchase here as will Special Editions and Collectable versions of the game.

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